China firmly opposes to North Korean nuclear test

China's Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Friday expressing firm opposition to the nuclear test by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). "Today the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, despite universal opposition from the international community, conducted another nuclear test, to which the Chinese government is firmly opposed," said the statement.

DPRK state-run television reported early Friday that the country had conducted a nuclear warhead explosion test. It was Pyongyang's fifth nuclear test and followed the previous one by eight months.

"We strongly urge the DPRK side to honor the commitment to denuclearization, abide by the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and halt any moves that could aggravate the situation," the statement said.

The statement said China's stance has always been to achieve denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, prevent nuclear proliferation and maintain peace and stability in Northeast Asia.

"China will, along with the international community, keep working toward the goal of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and commit to settling problems through the six-party talks," said the statement.

China will lodge representation with the DPRK over the nuclear test, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told a press conference Friday.

Twists and turns on the Korean Peninsula this year have seriously damaged peace and stability in the region and gone against the common expectation of the international community, Hua said.

The security concerns of relevant parties should be solved in accordance with their common interests, Hua said, adding that any unilateral action would be a dead end, making the situation more tense and complicated.

China strongly urged relevant parties to focus on the big picture, watch their words and actions and avoid mutual confrontation, Hua said.

China also called on relevant parties to make joint efforts to uphold peace and stability and proceed with the denuclearization process on the peninsula, Hua said.

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